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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Why the Embarrassing Bob Kerrey Didn't Run For Mayor

Bob Kerrey is being told to Shut Up:

"The school's board of trustees, upset at Kerrey's flirtation with running for mayor and his criticism of Mayor Bloomberg, sent out an e-mail last week stating that Kerrey must get the board's approval before he makes any political/policy statements in the future.

Kerrey is a political junkie with a penchant for embarrassing himself. After the 9/11 commission (he said at a speech I heard that the commission read blogs), he flirted for running for DNC Chair, and backed out, bashing Dean and progressives all the way. Now the same silliness is happening with the Mayoral election. The rumors are that he 'backed out' after realizing that there was no way he could get on the ballot and that he had no support.

If he wants to pontificate, Kerrey now must shut up and start an anonymous blog like the rest of us.


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