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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Well Rasiej Sure Has Online Supporters

In my first post on Andrew , I wrote a little bit skeptically on his chances. Lo and behold, this blog gets its first comment from Michael Bassik (picture to the left):

I'm working for Andrew's campaign and am a true believer that if we can get his message out to New Yorkers across the city, we'll be able to shake the system from the bottom up and win on Election Day.

So I go over to his campaign's blog and find the following suggestion:

What about “endowing” every citizen with one street parking spot near his or her apartment or house, and then allowing free trade in these spots? this would allow those who do not own cars to reap benefits for their environmentally helpful position, while allowing those who do own cars to save the time in hunting for on-street parking.

Ack! Geeks are remaking New York!

Ok, this is a good idea, and I'm getting closer to supporting at least one candidate for a race other than Mayor.


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