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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Let Nature Take Its Course

This morning's New York Times reminds us our neighborhoods need help. And that the Bloomberg Administration is unbearably out of touch with many of the city's neighborhoods most in need.

A Times reporter followed up on the "Report Card on Parks" which gave failing grades to many NYC Parks. He found crack-smoking prostitutes, drugs dealers, piles of trash and 13 year old homeless encampments.

And Bloomberg Administration's response?

"Let nature take its course," Adrian Benepe said. "Trees are growing, insects are buzzing, oxygen is being produced, and there's nothing wrong with that."Nature's course
No. It is not the job of 'Nature taking its course' to maintain the City's parks - it is the job of Government, specifically the Parks Department.

What did he say about that? "Just because something is in our inventory doesn't mean it's worth taking care of."

Surrendering parts of our neediest neighborhoods to Drug Dealers, Prostitutes, Violent Crime and Crack is NOT acceptable.

Um. Actual advocates for Parks (not apologists for irresponsible Republican administrations) believe that with better funding and better management, broken things can be fixed.

The man gets paid $162,800 a year to do the opposite of his job.

Read the whole article.