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Thursday, October 13, 2005

M-Lo Schizo

Craziest day. I found these little pieces of paper that somehow didn't go down the memory hole.


NY1 Reporter (Juan Manuel Benítez): And has it ever occurred to you to cross party lines, perhaps to back Mayor Bloomberg politically, a person with whom you have a good relationship?

Margarita López: I have an excellent relationship with Mayor Bloomberg, but I am a Democrat and a progressive. I cannot support a Republican with positions that stand against the interests of the people that I represent, the minority communities, the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual community. The Republican agenda stands against the issues that I understand must be represented in this city, which is the reason that I am a Democrat and I am a progressive.
[NY1 Noticias/Pura Política, Broadcast on 6.17.05]

...ever since, gay marriage supporters have blasted Bloomberg's actions from City Hall to the Internet as politically expedient... The same Bloomberg who had won office by convincing voters he was an independent-minded entrepreneur was suddenly attempting to save his hide with a blatant campaign maneuver. "The mayor has sent a message to the city that he is a political person--not just a businessperson--and can take positions with double meaning," says City Councilmember Margarita Lopez, a lesbian from Manhattan.
[Village Voice, 2/22/05]

Gay and lesbian advocates have been pushing Bloomberg to back gay marriage. Councilwoman Margarita Lopez (D-Manhattan), who is gay, said she plans to ask Bloomberg to perform a marriage ceremony for her and her long-time partner. "That would be a good test for him, to come out of the closet on gay marriages," she said.
[Newsday, 7/2/03]

Twenty black and Latino legislators yesterday denounced Mayor Bloomberg's plan for nonpartisan elections, saying it will hurt minority voters."Let's get clear and let's get real here. Nonpartisan elections is simply about destroying the democratic process of this city," said Councilwoman Margarita Lopez (D-Manhattan).
[NYP, 10/29/03]

Mayor Bloomberg fired three members of his Panel for Educational Policy last night - ramming through his plan to hold back failing third-graders this year. The power play caused a firestorm of complaint that Bloomberg ... had orchestrated a coup worthy of a Third World nation…The firings were announced by Schools Chancellor Joel Klein... as Klein started to announce what he called the "resignations," City Councilwoman Margarita Lopez stood and shouted, "They did not resign - they were removed!"
[Daily News, 3/16/04]

Just hours after United States and British forces began military strikes in Afghanistan, several thousand people attended a peace rally yesterday in Union Square Park and marched to Times Square, singing antiwar protest songs and carrying candles and banners announcing their opposition to military action….Margarita Lopez, a city councilwoman from the Lower East Side, shouted into the microphone: "Not in my name, not in the name of New York City, not in the name of my district, you're not going to kill anyone in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or anyone in the Middle East."
[New York Times, 10/8/01]


Bloomberg Told Bush All New Yorkers Were Behind The President on Iraq War. According to an article published in Newsday, “Bloomberg said he told President George W. Bush that ‘all New Yorkers are behind the president’ in his decision to go to war with Iraq.” [Newsday, 3/20/03]

Her capacity for double-think is Bloombergian.

Margarita Lopez endorses Mike Bloomberg’s refusal to perform her own marriage ceremony. Awesome. She throws her "progressive" political career away to endorse an oligarch's effort to “destroy the democratic process of this city.” Sweet.

Maybe she had a change of heart on the Iraq war. Big fan now.

Whatever the reason, she's dead to me. Dead to Democrats. Done.


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roberto Ramirez

At 3:34 PM, Blogger f said...

Maybe Democrats have been out of power so long they forgot how power works.

Ferrer's bigot advisor will not be mayor.

If indeed the reason she sold out her party and decades of her work is Robbie Ramirez, then she is the most stupid person alive.

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