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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Didn't have time to prepare"

Mayor Money shouldn't have started giving excuses. If he wants to skip the Apollo debate, he should have just skipped it, and stuck with his initial response: "I'm participating in two debates at the end of the month."

Instead, he felt the pressure...and rather than say what he was thinking -- "I'm the frontrunner and don't want to justify these other guys more than I have to" -- he started making excuses. And when excuses are false, they just sound dumb.

"The Mayor had to take time off for the Jewish holiday and therefore didn't have time to prepare," his staff was saying by yesterday afternoon.

First of all, you've been Mayor for 3 and a half years -- why do you need to prepare? Unless your recent Caribbean trip has tanned your memory of your Mayoralty out of your mind, you should be pretty fresh on your achievements and your vision.

This is amateur ball.

Second, Mayor Money is Jewish just as he's a "Democrat." He may have been raised that way, but he's not practicing what he's been preached. He's entitled to his religion, but he just wears the label when he needs to...and I doubt he spent a day in deep and personal meditation. If he was busy making the rounds of every denomination of voter, that's fine...that's "politics" and it's expected...but don't pretend it was "time off" for the holiday. That's just obnoxious.


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