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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Democrats forgive so easily

There are many New York Democrats who are ready and willing to vote for Bloomberg. Up to this point, their concern with the stadium has been one of their main of the few topics that generated real discussion around the Mayoral election.

And now that Shelly Silver has sunk the stadium, we're amazed at what we're hearing: Democrats saying that without the stadium it's now even easier to vote for Bloomberg.

What are they thinking?

Bloomberg may be losing the stadium battle, but it doesn't change the autocratic style with which he negotiated this process. It doesn't change the corporate cronyism he tried to extend to his friends at the Jets. It doesn't change the dismissiveness with which he treated the concerns of the public.

But as long as the Stadium gets stopped by the happy power consolidation of Albany once cutting our way, are we really willing to forgive the entire process that brought us to this point?

Because his cronyism and dismissiveness won't disappear with his stadium dreams. And with Mayor Bloomberg, this type of absurdity will happen again.


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