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Friday, May 13, 2005

Win one for the Giffer

The young men who would be Mayor still like being young men, it would seem.

Gifford Miller and Anthony Weiner both stopped by Drinking Liberally at its original Hell's Kitchen last night, after short talks at the McManus Mayoral forum.

The Metropolist covers the night, pointing out that Miller and Weiner fit in at a place known for cheap beer and hot dogs.

But the bigger story is that Giff was a hit.

Weiner held on through a few jeers to give a good speech; but Gifford stayed nearly an hour, talking, drinking, eating, singing part of the Puerto Rican national anthem on request and being very, very human.

His endurance paid off: the Liberal Drinkers were impressed.

One maybe a little too impressed. A young woman who told Gifford his red tie made him look too much like a salesman pulled the Speaker a little too close as she studied his tie...she soon learned that he has a loving wife and two kids.


At 3:40 PM, Anonymous dereau said...

I'd like to see this election come down a choice between a guy who eats free hotdogs and drinks cheap beer or a guy who goes to Bermuda every weekend.

There are more people in New York who relate enough to the former and resent the elitism of the latter that if this were the single election frame, the Dems would win it in a heartbeat.

Should this race be re-framed to be a debate of personality?

Republicans, when they're outgunned on policy, can win elections solely by incessantly repeating the benchmark "who would you have a beer with" factor.

Not to say that the Dems are outgunned on policy (I think Bloomberg's dogged insistence on public funding for The West Side Stadium is a mistake big enough to rage against), but Bloomberg's personality flaws are explosive.

There is a pathological narcissism amongst billionaire CEOs and Mike Bloomberg has it. To the people who habitate that world of insane wealth and power down the ladder to executives and even middle management, such abrasive, rude, often sexist, often bigoted, frat-boy, self-important grandiosity is par for the course.

However, to most people, Mayor Mike acting being CEO Michael R. Bloomberg, is as charming as a kick in the neck.

For this reason, this could be the map for how to beat Bloomberg.


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